Children get to grips with rubbish

Lodge Lane Infant School learn how to recycle

Published: Monday, 19th December 2016

Children from Lodge Lane Infant School recently got to grips with rubbish, in a session designed to help them and their families recycle more.

Recycling officers from Broadland District Council visited the school in Old Catton to talk about what happens to our rubbish after we put it in the bin.

90 children, from Years 1 and 2, discovered what you can and can’t recycle in a hands-on session. During the practical sorting exercise, the children had to separate a mix of correct and incorrect items into recycling and rubbish bins.

The school children found out that that items for recycling need to be clean (without food or liquid remains), loose (not in bags) and correct (accepted for recycling by the council).

They looked at items such as envelopes, foil and clean plastic trays, which can all be recycled, and crisp packets, sweet wrappers and plastic food wrapping which need to be placed in the general waste bin.

They also learnt about where both rubbish and recycling goes once it leaves our homes, and how it is better for the environment to reuse and recycle where possible.

The children were given quiz sheets to take home, with activities and games to test their new knowledge, and the chance to win a prize of a recycled stationary set if they complete the worksheets.

Joanna Daubney, class teacher at Lodge Lane Infant School, said:

“Thank you to the officers for coming to the school – it was great to refresh our thinking on recycling. The children were reading their leaflets as they went out the door so hopefully that enthusiasm will filter home too!”

Cllr John Fisher, Broadland District Council’s portfolio holder for environmental excellence, said:

“It’s great to see school children getting involved in something as fundamental as recycling. We hope that they’ll become recycling champions and encourage their families to recycle correctly at home.”

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