Broadland Votes on Devolution

Flag of East Anglia (Devolution)

Published: Friday, 18th November 2016

At a full council meeting on Thursday 17 November, Broadland District Council voted to support the government proposal on a devolution deal for Norfolk & Suffolk.

The vote was 31 for, two against and one abstention 

Speaking after the decision, Cllr Andrew Proctor, leader of Broadland District Council, was delighted that the council, which has vocally backed the deal from the start, wished to continue doing what is best for Broadland.

“Once again I see this as Broadland leading the way and we continue to offer our support for the devolution process to continue.

This has brought into focus the role councils should play in shaping their local community.

I see our role at Broadland District Council as ensuring that we put the interests and wellbeing of our communities at the heart of every decision we make.

We have always seen it as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to accelerate growth in the local economy and to improve the lives of all our residents.  When the consultation took place during the summer the majority of Broadland residents agreed with this approach so we know we are following their wishes.

Moving forward, we sincerely hope that the other councils will join us in our quest to secure more local decision making for Norfolk.”

Andy Wood, Chairman of Norfolk and Suffolk devolution group has said:

“Whilst it is disappointing news from Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Devolution may still be possible, the majority of councils are still to vote and most are clear Devolution will deliver real benefits for the people of both counties in terms of investment, infrastructure, growth and local decision making.  Communication channels with Government are open and conversations ongoing.”

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