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Solar panel buying scheme launched to help residents and small businesses in Broadland generate their own energy

Published: Tuesday, 1st September 2020

A scheme to help make it easier for local people and small businesses in Broadland to use solar panels for generating energy is being launched this week.

Local councils in Norfolk have partnered with bulk buying specialist iChoosr to set up the scheme.

Solar Together Norfolk is a group-buying scheme where the more people and businesses who join, the better the price should be of the installation.

Last year’s scheme participating Norfolk households saved an average of 30 per cent against the market average on the cost of solar panels.

Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. It reduces carbon emissions and does not release any harmful pollutants. Once the installation has been paid, using electricity from the panels can reduce your energy bills.

Electricity not needed can be stored in batteries for later use. This year the scheme provides for batteries to be retro-fitted on properties which already have solar panels.

Broadland District Council’s Cabinet member for a Clean and Safe Environmental

Excellence, Cllr Judy Leggett said anything which helps the environment is always worth considering.

Cllr Leggett said:

“Homeowners and small businesses want to do their bit to help the environment but often things like installing solar panels can feel daunting and naturally people worry about the cost.

“This scheme provides a way of reducing carbon emissions and cutting their energy bills. We all need to look at different ways of producing energy now and into the future. One other thing to consider is where access to the mains supply of other energies such as gas is limited, solar panels may prove a useful, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.”

Only pre-vetted installers are allowed to bid for the work through the Solar Together Norfolk scheme. The price of the installation depends on the number of people who join the scheme. Home and small business owners will be given an individual price without any obligation to go forward with the installation. Registration of interest closes on 6 October. To register your interest visit

If you accept the offer the installer will contact you to survey your roof and set an installation date. All installations are planned to be completed by the end of May 2021.

For detailed information on costs and the amount of energy you can expect to generate see

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