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Homes to get warmer as gas connections go ahead

Warm Homes Fund project

Published: Wednesday, 20th May 2020

The Warm Homes Fund is saving Norfolk residents thousands of pounds by helping them to heat their homes more efficiently.

The Warm Homes Fund is a National Grid grant funded initiative, administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS), a led locally by Broadland District Council, working with all Norfolk Councils to deliver first time central heating systems to residents who are having trouble paying their heating bills and living in fuel poverty.

The Councils are actively looking to help people living in houses with poor, inefficient electrical heating, such as old storage heaters and plug in radiators that could benefit from a new more efficient gas central heating system. 

The Fund will enable residents to save both energy and money.  A resident living in a two-bedroom flat that converts from storage heaters to gas central heating could save nearly £400 a year on their heating bills, a saving that more than covers the cost of the annual servicing, which is recommended for all central heating systems.  

Over the last year Norwich City Council, AWS and Cadent, the gas distribution company, have been consulting with Norwich residents on a local housing estate. They have been asking who would be interested in connecting to mains gas and having a new gas boiler installed, free of charge. The overwhelming response from residents has been positive and AWS and now moving ahead with connections, all fully funded by Cadent.

More than 70 qualifying households have already opted to connect to mains gas with an option of installing new gas central heating.  As the average boiler grant is £3,500 per household, Norwich City Council through the Warm Homes Fund will be investing nearly £200,000, to improve heating for residents resulting in added warmth and health benefits.

One family has already had gas central heating installed as they had a gas connection in place from the previous owners.  But the family was still using the old electric warm air system that was very expensive to run and was very inefficient, even when it was on it was never warm in the flat. 

The Council managed to work with the family to get the heating in before the birth of their first baby.  The Council also removed the old warm air unit from the hallway cupboard opening up valuable storage space for the family to use.

The proud father said:

“Can I say a massive thank you to the team for what you have given me and my family. As winter was coming, we desperately needed gas central heating installed before the baby arrived. I couldn’t believe my luck when we were told this would be provided free of charge. You have given our daughter a nice and cosy warm home. We are forever grateful.”

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