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Broadland District Council goes virtual

Published: Thursday, 14th May 2020

Broadland District Council will be holding its second, virtual, full Council meeting on 21 May at 7pm

Chairman of the Council, Karen Vincent said:

“The Council made history when it held its first virtual full Council meeting in April and despite the challenges of hosting and managing more than 50 people online, the meeting was a success. We were one of the first Councils to hold a full council meeting virtually and the technology has allowed the Council to meet safely and make the decisions needed for us to continue to deliver the essential services that are helping our residents and local businesses.

“Holding the meeting virtually gave every local Member the opportunity to take part in the meeting and represent their residents including one member who was abroad.”

A total of 44 Members and 7 council officers attended the first online meeting.

Virtual meetings are taking place following the announcement from Local government Secretary Robert Jenrick that the legal requirements for local authorities to hold public meetings in person has been temporarily removed. 

Members of the public will be able to watch and listen to the meeting with instructions on how included in the Council agenda, published on the Council’s website.

Broadland Councillor Ken Leggett said:

“The introduction of virtual meetings has allowed Councillors to continue to take an active role, even when they’re self-isolating. This new technology is now being used by everyone and the lockdown period has definitely seen a rise in the number of silver surfers staying in touch, online.”

Broadland District Council is keen to ensure that the key business matters of the Council continue and that decisions that are needed to be made are progressed. The Council has embraced the use of technology to achieve this and will be holding its necessary committee meetings virtually.

During the COVID-19 lockdown the council has also been using remote access and informal virtual meetings to enable its business to be conducted quickly and efficiently and to ensure that vulnerable residents and local businesses get the help they need as quickly as possible.

The Council’s planning meeting on the 20 May will also be held virtually.

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