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Trees planted in Sprowston to support local green spaces

Tree planting in Sprowston

Published: Sunday, 16th February 2020

Broadland District Council has planted a variety of edible fruit and nut trees on amenity land in Blithewood Gardens, Sprowston.

The range of fruits and nuts on offer, including walnuts, chestnuts and a plum tree, will increase biodiversity as well as capture carbon dioxide, increasing air quality in the area and tree planting helps to reduce global warming. The new trees will be enjoyed by residents and wildlife alike.

The work is part of an ongoing project working alongside the independently run, Broadland Tree Warden Network.

The seven trees were carefully selected by Jamie Henry, Community Assets Management Officer at the Council in partnership with Sprowston’s Tree Wardens, Christine and Ben Jervis to complement the existing green space.

Consideration was also given to their spacing to ensure the open space can still be used for recreational activities that are popular with residents.

The Council has also planted 14 other trees in Broadland this year as part of the project. Five trees were planted in Little Plumstead, three in Horsford and one in Taverham.

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