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A new country park to be created between Felthorpe and Horsford

Houghen Plantation

Published: Tuesday, 28th January 2020

It's hoped the new 140 acre park will help bring people in and around the city closer to nature.

Broadland District Council purchased the site from the landowners earlier this year, and it is hoped, when it's completed the park will be comparable to Whitlingham Country, in Trowse.

The Council have £1m to spend on the park, generated from business rates, contributions from developers and the community infrastructure levy. Depending on planning permission a formal car park will be set up that will help provide revenue for the free park.

Initial work will begin with improvement to paths, signposting and providing an interpetation board. The park would then be developed further with the potential for a woodland play area and various other activites such as walking and cycling routes.

It will also feature various types of terrain, ranging from fenland to woodland to attract nature lovers.

Shaun Vincent, leader of Broadland District Council, said:

"It's the perfect location to expand our green infrastructure, but it's so much more than that. It's about people having access to the countryside. We talk about the homes we are building, but this is where we are protecting the existing environment."

The park is yet to be given a name, but the council are hoping to start opening the park in April or May.



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