Joint Leader statement about collaboration between Broadland and South Norfolk councils

Broadland and South Norfolk agree collaboration plans

Published: Thursday, 12th July 2018

Broadland and South Norfolk agree collaboration plans.

Joint statement from Cllr Shaun Vincent, Broadland District Council and Cllr John Fuller, South Norfolk Council.

"Tonight has seen an historic decision that will greatly improve services for our residents and provide significant benefits to our local businesses. In a world where we need to do more with less we will provide a local government that moves with the times and innovates, while retaining and attracting the most talented staff.

Our two councils have overwhelmingly agreed to embrace our strategic collaboration and for one joint officer team to be established to support two autonomous councils.

We believe that this is now a starting point to accelerate faster growth and prosperity in a new combined area with the potential to deliver savings of around £8.6 million over the first five years. Our combined focus is on driving economic and housing growth and improving the services we deliver to provide enhanced benefits for our 260,000 residents and 10,000 businesses.

Our shared services partnership will make us more efficient and strengthen our hand when working with partners. It will also increase our ability to take advantage of commercial opportunities to deliver better value for our residents."

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