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1000 more homes to receive food waste collections

recycling waste bin collection

Published: Monday, 5th February 2018

An extra 1000 homes in Broadland are set to receive a food waste collection service this week (5 February 2018).

Broadland District Council was the first local authority in Norfolk to carry out separate food waste collections in 2008, which started as a six-month, government-funded trial serving about 6,000 homes.

Since then, more than 10,000 tonnes of food waste has been collected and the service is offered to 25,000 homes- almost half of all households in Broadland.

Sarah Bruton, Environmental Protection Manager at Broadland District Council said:

“The current food waste scheme has been very successful with residents, collecting more than 1800 tonnes last year alone. Although food waste may not be the first thing you think to recycle, it is important that it is dealt with properly.

“Recycling food waste is much friendlier to the environment as the food is composted in sealed tanks, creating a natural biogas to be used as a fuel to generate renewable energy. Any leftovers form a nutrient-rich bio-fertiliser which is applied to farmland.”

The 1000 homes have already received their two new food waste caddies which have been funded by Norfolk County Council- a small caddy for their kitchen and a larger one to be left out for collection.

A leaflet explaining the food recycling process was delivered to the 1000 households last week.

The homes are spread across the district, filling in areas where the food waste service is already in operation.

Learn more about the food waste service or call us on 01603 430534.

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