Getting patients home with District Direct

Housing officer Mark Nudd is working at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.
Council officer Mark Nudd

Published: Monday, 6th November 2017

Patients at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital are being offered a new service which will help them leave hospital as soon as they are ready and support them in their own homes.

Broadland is one of five Norfolk district councils working with the hospital to support patients through the District Direct service, which is designed to prevent unnecessary hospital stays and re-admissions. Council officer, Mark Nudd, will be working on the project for Broadland District Council.

Mr Nudd said:

“By working together, we can help return patients to their own homes, where they often feel happier and more comfortable. Our officers can help make sure homes are made safe and suitable for patients and that they have access to help when they need it.

“Enabling people to go home as soon as they are ready to also releases hospital beds for patients with more critical conditions.”

Teams from across the councils will support patients to return home and will help them stay living independently for longer. As well as practical help such as minor home adaptions, patients will also receive information and advice about support available in the local area.

NNUH Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Roberta Fuller, said:

“There is significant evidence that patients recover better from a stay in hospital in their own homes. We are very pleased to be working closely with the District Councils to ensure that we support all patients in returning home as quickly as possible.

"The delivery of council services direct to the patient’s hospital bed-side is an innovative new direction for us in Norfolk and the hospital is very keen to support the continuing success of District Direct”.

The five district councils working with the NNUH are: Broadland, Breckland, Norwich City, North Norfolk and South Norfolk.

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