Business fined for fly-tipping

Published: Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

A landscaping business was fined an initial £300 by Broadland District Council when they were unable to account for the waste from a job which was discovered dumped at Spratts Green in Aylsham.

The waste was tracked back to them via a customer's details among the debris.

The company was not able to provide paperwork showing who collected their waste or provide Waste Transfer Notes which have to be shown to the local authority on request. They paid a reduced fine of £180 as they agreed to pay early.

"This is a good chance to remind businesses that they are totally responsible for their waste," said Cllr John Fisher, Broadland's portfolio holder for environmental excellence.

"A business disposing of waste has to have a waste carrier's licence and keep the receipt they get from the landfill site for at least two years. If you employ another business or someone else to dispose of waste for your business then you have to get a Waste Transfer Note (a detailed receipt) from them and be ready to show it.

"You also have to be sure they are a registered waste carrier - otherwise you are responsible for whatever they do with your waste even if you are unaware of it."

The Environment Agency keeps a public register of all those licensed to carry waste. You can check if a company is registered on the agency website here.

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