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Free bulbs

Published: Wednesday, 16th August 2017

Broadland District Council is giving local bees a helping hand next spring by offering residents the opportunity to claim free crocus bulbs, a particularly bee-friendly flower, to plant in Broadland’s gardens this autumn.

Bees are central to the eco-system, meaning it is important that everyone makes the extra effort to take care of them. As they are excellent pollinators, around one third of food is pollinated by bees, helping some of our favourite foods be put on our plates. Just as importantly, bees also help other animals in the food chain and assist in maintaining the genetic diversity of our pollinated plants, giving plants a stronger chance of survival.

To give Broadland’s bees a boost next spring, Broadland residents can claim 20 free crocus bulbs from participating garden centres to plant in their gardens. It is best to plant crocus bulbs in autumn for a springtime bloom. In spring, food can be particularly sparse for bees but crocus flowers can provide a vital protein rich food source for hungry bees. This early boost in energy can help set them up for a successful season.

Cllr John Fisher, Broadland District Council’s portfolio holder for environmental excellence said:

“Crops across the country are incredibly reliant on the pollination of bees so it is important that we look after them. We hope that by giving away a few bee-friendly bulbs to our residents, we will help the bees to thrive in our area. I hope our residents enjoy seeing the results of their gardening in springtime.”

Matthew Steel from Taverham Nursery Centre said:

“Taverham Nursery Centre are happy to support, Broadland District Council`s Bee project. We have been promoting bee-friendly gardening and among our summer activities we will be running a bug house building class. We feel that anything that can help to ease the pressure on the bee population should be encouraged.”

Timothy Gee of Mousehold Garden Centre said:

“I have been selling crocus bulbs since August 1980 and am delighted to help Broadland with the generous gift to residents. Whatever the weather you know spring is arriving when the crocus comes into flower and cheers us all up!”

Richard Gascyone of Salhouse Garden Centre said:

“Here at Salhouse we are very happy to be a part of Broadland District Council's bee project which will encourage even the smallest garden to have bee-friendly plants and flowers.”

Schools and community groups are also invited to get in touch with the council if they would like more crocus bulbs to brighten up a green space for bees.

Find your voucher in libraries in Broadland and claim your 20 free crocus bulbs at a participating centre from 1 September 2017. For more information, call Broadland District Council’s energy team on 01603 430627 or email

Did you know?

Flying bumblebees beat their wings up to 200 times a second and must maintain a temperature of 35°C.

It is estimated that each year, bees help pollinate 70 types of crops including broccoli, apples, carrots and strawberries.

According to the British Beekeepers Association, honeybees contribute approximately £400million to our economy.

Participating garden centres are:

  • Salhouse Garden Centre, Honeycombe Lane, NR13 6JP
  • Mousehold Garden Centre, Mousehold Lane, NR7 8HP
  • Moulton Nurseries, Acle Road, NR13 3AP
  • Taverham Nursery Centre, Fir Covert Road, NR8 6HT
  • Woodgate Nursery, Aylsham, NR11 6UH

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