Did someone in your family help women get the vote?

Cllr Karen Vincent, Member Champion for Heritage
Cllr Karen Vincent, Member Champion for Heritage

Published: Monday, 17th July 2017

Broadland District Council is taking part in a national campaign to find and celebrate 100 previously hidden women and supportive men who helped women get the vote.

The council is asking people in the community to share stories of their relatives, friends or neighbours who were active in suffrage campaigns but who, up until now, have not been nationally recognised for their efforts.

It is part of Suffrage Pioneers - a project organised by the Women's Local Government Society - to mark the centenary in 2018 of property owning women, over the age of 30 and all men receiving the vote.

Cllr Karen Vincent, Member Champion for Heritage at Broadland District Council, said: "This interesting project gives us the chance to find out about and celebrate the role of Broadland residents in the suffrage campaigns.

"If you know of any relatives or people in your community who took part in the movement, please register them online or call us at Broadland District Council and we can help recognise their hard work."

Suffrage Pioneers wants to include women and men from all walks of life and from all corners of the country.

They are looking for people who worked tirelessly in suffrage campaigns and also made use of the new opportunities it provided, such as serving as elected councillors, magistrates, joining local committees or leading new local organisations.

The project has two phases - phase 1 is the nomination and identification of the suffrage pioneers and phase 2 is the development of local history and legacy projects to celebrate the lives of those pioneers.

People can nominate someone by filling out a form online at www.suffrage-pioneers.net or by calling Victoria Parsons at Broadland District Council on 01603 430457.

The deadline for nominations is October 31, 2017.

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