Passerby helps prosecute fly-tipper

Fly tipping signs

Published: Thursday, 16th February 2017

A fly-tipper was given an 18-month conditional discharge, with costs of £500 plus a £20 victim surcharge after a successful prosecution by Broadland District Council.

The prosecution was brought after an eyewitness reported the crime, which took place at Hindolveston Road, Foulsham.

The Council's Portfolio Holder for Environmental Excellence, Cllr John Fisher, explained.

"A member of the public was driving past and saw the fly tipping taking place," he said. "Their dashboard camera recorded what happened, including the number plate, and because they took the trouble to let us know, we have been able to bring this successful prosecution. We're very grateful for the public spirit they showed in doing so.

"This prosecution delivers a clear message to perpetrators that we will always pursue them and there is every chance that they will be caught and punished.

"I hope the majority of residents who value Broadland's beautiful countryside will also be encouraged that taking the effort to report a fly tipper will result in action."

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