Hygiene laws for food businesses

Food handling and storage

Open and wrapped foods must be stored in such a way to avoid the risk of contamination (eg. kept fully covered and in clean, pest proofed areas). Activities that present a risk of food contamination, eg. handling, animals, laundry, nappies, money must not happen at the same time as food preparation.

Raw foods (eg. raw meat/fish, eggs, soil contaminated/unwashed vegetables, unpasteurised dairy products) should be handled and stored separately to food which is ready to eat. This should be the case even if the raw and ready to eat foods are pre-packed because packaging may be split or the outside of packaging may be contaminated. Raw foods should therefore be stored at the bottom of fridges/freezers and handled/prepared at different times/in different areas/with different equipment and utensils to those used for ready to eat foods.

The Food Standards Agency website offers the most recent guidance on their website regarding the control of cross-contamination.

We offer food hygiene training courses on how to prepare food safely.

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