Hygiene laws for food businesses


Where open foods are handled, all surfaces (eg. work surfaces, equipment, cutting boards, walls, frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, switches and taps) should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly and between different tasks. Cleaning products should be used that are suitable for the job and manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to ensure effective cleaning (eg. regarding dilution rate, contact time).

Cleaning should be a two stage process; after an initial clean the surface should then be disinfected. Disinfection products should meet current BSEN standards (eg. BSEN1276 or BSEN13697). This information can be obtained either from the product labelling or by contacting the manufacturer or supplier. It's also good practice to use single-use disposable cloths (eg. paper towels) for the disinfection stage of cleaning to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Washing up

When washing up (if a dishwasher with a disinfection cycle is not used), items used for ready to eat foods should be washed up prior to those used with raw foods and the sink should be cleaned and disinfected between. Washing up water should be clean and hot.

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