Hygiene laws for food businesses

Food safety management and documentation

To prove and demonstrate good food safety, your business must keep a food safety management system document.

The Food Standards Agency have created packs called ‘Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)’ to help most businesses meet their legal requirements. Different packs are available for retailers, general caterers, care homes and childminders and the pack should be tailored to suit the businesses needs (eg. additions may be needed, transportation of food is not covered in the pack).

The pack also contains a daily diary which can be used to keep a record of any food safety checks you carry out, eg. temperature checks, pest checks, equipment/thermometer calibration checks, cleaning checks. The keeping of records helps demonstrate how your business ensures food safety and also helps your business quickly identify any problems.

The packs (including the daily diary) and further information can be obtained for free from the Food Standards Agency website.

We offer food handling training courses on how to prepare food safely.

For more specialised/high risk food handling activities and/or larger businesses a more detailed HACCP plan may be required. Please contact us using the details below for more information.