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What goes in your food waste bin

We operate a food waste scheme across certain areas of the district. The scheme provides two bins; a small container called a caddy for use inside the home and a larger container used for collections.

To find out whether your property is included on our food waste scheme you can use the bin day collection finder.

The bin day finder will clearly state after your next collection day if you are included in the food waste service at your property

The following can be put in your food waste bin:

  • raw food - vegetables, fruit, meat and fish
  • cooked food - vegetables, fruit, meat and fish
  • meat and fish bones, including turkey carcass
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • dairy products - eggshells and cheese
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • out of date food
  • food scrapings from your plate
  • animal food - wet and dry cat and dog food
  • shredded paper
We cannot accept the following:
  • any food packaging - cans, glass, trays, cartons, hard plastic
  • liquid foods or drinks - oils, fat, gravies, milk
  • animal waste

To find out more, visit the food waste collections page and you can download our food waste leaflet