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What goes in your brown garden waste bin

If you would like to be notified of bin collection changes in the future, due to either bank holidays or bad weather, please sign up to email alerts at the bottom of this page. We will only use your information for the purposes you have supplied it for.

We offer a fortnightly collection of garden waste for residential properties throughout the year (excluding Christmas and New Year). We provide you with a brown wheelie bin to collect your waste in. You can sign up for garden waste collection any time of the year. If you require this service for your business, please contact us using the details below.

Please note: we cannot accept invasive and non-native plants in the brown bin eg. Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, Rhododendron ponticum
The following can be put in your brown bin:
  • Real Christmas trees
  • Holly, mistletoe, bouquets of flowers
  • hedge clippings
  • cut flowers
  • windfalls
  • twigs and small branches
  • grass cuttings
  • leaves
  • shrub prunings
  • vegetable gardening waste - potato tops
We can't accept the following:
  • Asbestos and other DIY waste’
  • Christmas wreaths (unless all the plastic and metal has been removed)
  • bagged garden waste
  • food waste - meat, fruit and vegetables, liquids, teabags, eggshells
  • paper, packaging or card
  • large items of garden waste - tree trunks
  • animal bedding