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Food waste collections

Please note, the food waste scheme only operates across certain areas of the district so not all properties in Broadland will have a food waste collection.

The food waste scheme was initially a trial funded by the government in certain parts of the country. The funding allowed us to set up the scheme in some urban areas in Broadland. Due to its popularity and success we have launched the service in other urban areas. In June 2018 we increased the service to another 3,000 households.

We have aimed to get as many households as possible onto the scheme with the resources we have available. If we can obtain additional funding to increase this service, we will advise residents in any roads to be included, as required.

When deciding where to implement food waste rounds we look at where we can get maximum benefit from the scheme, which means the service at present only runs in some densely populated areas. Where we collect is also determined by the rounds the vehicles take to do the usual waste collections, so this sometimes means we collect food waste on one street but not on an adjoining one.

The food waste scheme provides two bins; a small container called a caddy for use inside the home and a larger container put outside for collecting.

To find out whether your property is included on our Food waste scheme you can use the Bin Day Collection finder service.

The Bin Day Collection finder service will clearly state after your next collection day if you are included in the Food waste scheme service at your property.

The food waste is collected weekly and can be put out alongside either your waste (green bin) or recycling (grey bin). Please put the larger food waste outside container (not the caddy) on the boundary of your property and make sure it is visible.

You can request free liners or use any plastic bag you have available to fit inside the caddy. To get more liners place a handwritten note on top of your collection container when you put it out and the crew will leave a new roll of bags for you.

Find out what items can and cannot go in your food waste bin.

If you would like to be notified of bin collection changes in the future, due to either bank holidays or bad weather, please sign up to email alerts at the bottom of this page.  We will only use your information for the purposes you have supplied it for.

If you have any queries about our food waste scheme, please contact us using the details below.