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Order bins for a newly built property

From 1 January 2020 there'll be a charge of £56.50 per pair of bins for all new built properties. One bin is for general household waste and the other is a recycling bin.

If your property isn't new and your bin is missing or damaged, please contact us using the details below.

To order your bins

We'll shortly have an online ordering service. For now, please order and pay for your bins by calling us on the number below during office hours. Please have your payment card ready.

If you're not at home when we deliver the containers, we cannot be held responsible for any item going missing if it's delivered in your absence. We don't have any arrangements for residents to collect wheeled bins.

There are no concessions or payment plans available and payment will need to be made in full in order for us to deliver the bins.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to provide wheelie bins unless payment is made so you'll need to make alternative arrangements to dispose of your waste. You can dispose of it at local Norfolk County Council recycling centres.

Bin charges

We have historically covered this cost for home owners. As our funding from central government has reduced and the demand for bins continues to increase, we've had to take the decision to charge for the supply of new bins. This policy is becoming increasingly common amongst Councils as we have to manage our finances even more carefully.

There is no right of appeal against the charge for wheeled bins as it has been agreed as Council policy. This was agreed at full council in September 2019. You may wish to raise your concerns with your local Councillor.

The collection and disposal of your waste is paid for out of your council tax, but the one-off cost for the wheelie bins when a property is first occupied is not covered.

The charge covers the cost of buying the bins plus administration, storage and delivery. This transaction does not constitute a sale and the wheelie bins remain our property and must be left at the property if you move house.

If you choose not to make payment then we'll be unable to deliver wheeled bins to your property and we'll not be able to collect your waste. We'll only be able to collect waste that is presented in wheeled bins which meets the Council's specifications including Broadland District Council logo. Black sacks will not be collected by the waste collection crew.

Fly Tipping is the illegal deposit of waste and is a serious criminal offence which carries a fine of up to £50,000. Fly tipping offences are investigated and enforced by us.

Developers providing bins

Some developers will pay the charge and order your bins before you move in to your new property. The option whether to pay the charge or not lies with each individual developer or builder.

If neighbouring properties have had their bins provided by the developer for free it may be that they pre-paid for the bins as only part of the development build. Some new developments also have different developers across the piece of land, one of whom ordered the bins while another developer didn't. It may be an existing property and therefore the bins have been delivered free of charge.

If there are any bins at your new property that are not Broadland Council bins, you must apply for and purchase a set of standard bins from from us using the details below. We can't empty shop-bought or other Councils' bins.

Different size bins

Please visit our webpage to find out more about changing the size of your bin.

Further information

We actively discourage communal bins as a waste collection option in most cases. If you're moving to a new or converted flat with shared bins, please contact us using the details below.

A conversion refers to a property which has been converted from a non-domestic property to a domestic property, or where a domestic property has been converted into two or more domestic properties.

If you've built a new property or carried out a conversion yourself you're liable for the bin charges.

To find out more about our bin services, including help to move your bin, ordering a different size bin and having medical or other waste collected, please visit our other bin information pages.