Parish and Town Council vacancies

Latest Town and Parish council vacancies are listed on this page as they arise. 

Parish councillor resignations should be made in writing to the Chairman of the Parish Council.

The casual vacancy occurs on the date of receipt of the resignation notice. In the event of the death of a Parish Councillor, the casual vacancy occurs at the date of death. The Public Notice may also be delayed for a respectful period.

The Notice gives a period of 14 days for requests to be made for an election (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays).

Vacancies listed on this page fall within 6 months before the day on which there would be the next ordinary elections (scheduled for 2 May 2019), therefore the Parish Council may co-opt (but is not required to do so). 

Any vacancy not filled by co-option remains vacant until the next ordinary elections.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish or Town Councillor, please contact your local Parish council clerk.

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