Issues Planning Enforcement can investigate

Our Planning Enforcement Team investigate building works that have been done without planning permission or that are carried out in a way that is different from the plans we approved.  These are called breaches of planning control.  We also investigate wrongful uses of property and some other neighbourhood issues - please see the list below.  For any other issues, please use the links to the right hand side of this page.

Please be aware that homeowners may be able to make minor changes and extensions to their property within "permitted development".  You can check what is allowed without planning permission on the Planning Portal.

We can investigate
  • unauthorised works to buildings including listed buildings
  • works commencing when planning permission has been refused
  • conditions on a planning consent not being complied with
  • demolition of buildings in a conservation area
  • change of use of land eg. agricultural to residential
  • unauthorised businesses at residential premises
  • unauthorised occupation of caravan/annexe
  • unauthorised advertisements
  • untidy land
  • unauthorised works to trees (it is recommended that you call us immediately, particularly if a tree is being cut down)
  • high hedges

Where a breach has occurred we aim to resolve it using the most appropriate means, which could be by negotiation or by taking formal enforcement action.

For details on our policies please view the Planning Enforcement Strategy.