When vehicles are parked inconsiderately

Cars, caravans, trailers and business vehicles can be parked in turning circles and on verges and pavements.  They can take up too much space or block the light, park opposite your drive or outside your property, park immediately before or after a drop-kerb or in other inconsiderate ways. You will need to speak with the driver concerned to find a solution.

However, If anyone is living in a caravan/in caravans or other vehicles parked on the road, verge or amenity land please contact the private sector housing team on the details below.

Vehicles should not cause obstruction to pavement users.  Wheelchairs or pushchairs need to be able to pass without having to go into the road.  If a vehicle is wider than average it is not an obstruction if you can still drive around it.  Where any vehicle is causing a complete obstruction please contact the Police on their non-emergency number (101).  Please note, it is not illegal for your driveway to be blocked if it is empty.

Some tenancy agreements state that the parking of business vehicles and/or caravans on the drive of a rented property is not permissible.  You will need to report such parking to the landlord concerned.

If inconsiderate parking is in addition to other antisocial behaviour you may wish to report it to our Community Safety team using the details below.  They will give advice on what action might be taken and by whom.

If you do not wish to talk to your neighbour directly about your concerns, you might want to download our Dear Neighbour card and post it through their letterbox in the first instance.