When vehicles are parked in a restricted area

Vehicles are illegally parked if there are on-street parking restrictions in operation at a certain location.  There are two types of parking restriction and Broadland District Council have no powers to deal with either of these issues.  Please read ahead to see how to report illegal parking.

Prohibited parking

This is where there are yellow lines (single and double) or clearway restrictions in operation.  Parking on the adjacent pavement or verge is also illegal in this case.  To report such parking, please call the Civil Enforcement Officers using the details below.

Permitted parking

This is where a vehicle is parked in a restricted parking zone, such as a resident parking bay, without an appropriate permit on display.  It also includes vehicles that stay too long in a restricted zone, such as a metered bay or where signs are on display with hours of parking.

In the case of permitted parking, you will need to check the street signs for information about who you should contact to report this.