Personal licence to sell alcohol

Apply for a personal licence to sell alcohol

Premises that are licensed to sell alcohol must have a named Designated Premises Supervisor (with the exception of some community premises).

If you wish to become a Designated Premises Supervisor you will need to apply for a personal licence which will enable you to provide and sell alcohol. You can transfer a current personal licence to a different licensed premises if required.

How to apply

Please download, fill in and send us an application form to the address below. You will also need to include:

  • your accredited qualification certificate
  • evidence of right to work
  • disclosure of Convictions and Declaration form
  • Basic criminal record certificate issued by the DBS
  • a cheque for the licence fee of £37 made payable to Broadland District Council
  • 2 passport photos (one of which should be endorsed as a true likeness of yourself by a person of standing)