Grants for works to trees

You may be able to get a grant to help with the cost of work to a tree with a Tree Preservation Order on it, or to a tree within a conservation area.

Payments are available from a limited fund for tree work that has valid consent from the Council but has not yet been undertaken.

You can apply for a grant if
  • (For help with the cost of tree work) You are in receipt of at least one of the benefits listed on the application form
  • (For help towards the cost of a replacement tree) Your decision from the Council for tree works includes a condition (TPO trees) or an informative (conservation areas) for replacement planting (please be advised that in this instance, the grant is only available to help with the cost of replanting, and not with the cost of felling trees)
  • You are the owner of the tree
  • You have not received a tree works grant from the Council within the last 3 years

Grants may also be offered for replacement planting where a tree in a conservation area, or that has a TPO, is removed because it is dead or presents an immediate risk of harm. These decisions will be taken at the tree officers’ discretion.

The grant will be to fund replacement planting, and not to assist with the costs of removing the dead or dangerous tree. Once planted, please send us your receipted invoice for the replacement tree.

A tree officer will inspect the work, and, if approved, payment will be made directly into your bank account.

To find out more and apply for a grant, please download an application form.

Once completed, please send it back to us using the contact details below.