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Severe mental impairment

A property will qualify for a Council Tax exemption if all of the occupants are severely mentally impaired.

Severe mental impairment is defined, within the legislation, as meaning a person who has a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning (however caused) which appears to be permanent.

If all the residents but one are severely mentally impaired a 25% discount can be granted. If there are two people in the household who are not suffering from severe mental impairment, no discount can be granted at all.

Please note that in order to qualify for this reduction, a doctor will need to certify that the applicant is severely mentally impaired within the legal definition.

To apply please download the exemption form and return it completed to the Council Tax section.

In order to be eligible for the exemption or discount the applicant will need to be in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits listed on the form and supply their award letter.