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Further discounts available

When looking at the number of adults living in your property, certain people are disregarded for the purposes of Council Tax. 

If people living in your property are disregarded for Council Tax this may give rise to a 25% or 50% discount.

Dependant on your household circumstances the following discounts may be available:

  • full time students and student nurses
  • school or college leavers
  • 18 or 19 year olds in receipt of child benefit
  • apprentices or youth training trainees
  • full time carers (excluding those caring for partner or child)
  • members of visiting forces
  • members of international headquarters and defence organisations
  • members of religious communities
  • partners of students who are not British
  • diplomats
  • patients resident in hospital
  • patients in residential care or a nursing home
  • persons who have a severe mental impairment
  • hostel or night shelter residents
  • persons in detention

For more information on these discounts please contact the Council Tax team directly using the details below.