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Single resident discount

The full Council Tax bill is based on two adults living in a property. An adult is defined as anybody over the age of 18 years. The bill is not increased if there are more than two adults living in your property, but can be reduced if there is only one.

If you are the only adult occupier of your property you may apply for a single resident discount of 25%.

Please complete the single resident discount form to claim.

If you are already claiming a single resident discount you must inform us immediately if another adult moves into your property, or anyone living at the property reaches the age of 18. You may still be entitled to a claim another discount, for example if the other person is a student at school or college.

Please use this online form to
  • tell us about a change to the occupants in your household

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Rules on single resident discount when your partner is working away

When working out the Council Tax you need to pay, the Council has to decide which property is regarded as your sole or main residence.

The Council normally consider couples (married or not) to have one main residence even if both own or rent different properties. Your main residence is generally considered to be the property where you intend to return or where you would live if not for your employment.