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Local Authority land

Broadland's land ownership

We sold all of our housing stock (rented council housing) to Wherry Housing Association in 1990.  We currently own a few properties and have assisted several developments with Broadland.

Most of the land we now own is amenity land - parks and recreation grounds and small patches of land on housing estates.  We are currently compiling a land and building assets report which will made available on our website and will include:

  • service and office properties occupied or controlled (both freehold and leasehold) 
  • properties occupied or run under Private Finance Initiative contracts
  • surplus, sublet or vacant properties
  • undeveloped land, services or temporary offices
  • future commitments

In the meantime, if you have any queries regarding our land ownership, please contact us using the details below.  We are not responsible for roads and footpaths which are owned by Norfolk County Council Highways department.  You can contact Norfolk County Council to find out details of their land ownership and also your local parish council who may also own land in the area you are interested in.