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Disabled Facilities Grants

If you're elderly or disabled, you may be entitled to a grant for adaptations to help you get around your home more easily. Grants are means tested and are available to both tenants and home owners.

Adaptations need to have been recommended by an Occupational Therapist. These include improving:

  • access to and from your home
  • access to the principal family room
  • access to or providing a bedroom
  • access to or providing bathing facilities
  • safety in your home
  • facilities for the preparation and cooking of food
  • any heating system in your home, or if there is no heating system providing a suitable one
  • the usability of a source of power, light, or heat by improving access to control switches
  • movement around your home so you are able to care for someone else who lives with you

If you're over 65 and wish to make minor repairs or adaptations to your home, you may also be interested in our Handyperson+ service.

If you own your own property you're responsible for the maintenance of any adaptations.

If you're a tenant you'll need to check with your landlord whether they'll allow the adaptation and if they're prepared to maintain any adaptations on your behalf.

Please contact us using the details below for further advice and to make an application.

Repaying your grant
  • for grants over £5,000 and up to £15,000 the sum over £5,000 will be repayable upon sale or transfer of the property - if this happens within ten years of the adaptations being completed. However, there'll be a maximum repayment, currently set at £10,000.
  • the repayable amount will be entered as a Local Land Charge at the Council and will appear on the searches carried out by Solicitors or Conveyancers prior to a sale or transfer.
  • there won't be a requirement to repay any amounts unless the property is sold or transferred to someone other than your spouse or partner.
  • annual interest won't be charged.

For example, a grant of £7,000 will have a repayment sum of £2,000 or a grant of £18,000 will have a repayment of £10,000 as this has been set as the upper limit.