If your rented home needs repairs

Mould or damp

Your landlord may be able to improve the situation if you have a mould or damp problem in your home. You will need to contact them to discuss the problem and make them aware of how it's affecting you.

Your landlord might:

  • provide a de-humidifier
  • install ventilation
  • improve the insulation of your home
Things you can do

Day-to-day activities like cooking, washing and drying clothes indoors can cause or make a condensation problem worse.

It can help if you:

  • keep a lid on pans when cooking
  • dry clothes outdoors if possible
  • keep the door closed and window open when drying clothes indoors
  • keep your home regularly heated so walls and other surfaces stay warm to reduce the risk of condensation.

Further help with mould and damp issues in your home can be found on the Shelter website.