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Stray or lost dogs

When a dog has been reported as stray or found, we will arrange for it to be collected and taken to boarding kennels. We will check for microchipping and contact you if we find a chip with your details. If you believe we have collected your dog please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

We do not offer a lost and found service so you may want to post or look for posts on local Facebook community groups. You can call local vets and animal re-homing centres and there are also lost and found websites for pets set up by the public.

Administration fees
  • one day (kennel fee and admin) - £91.80
  • subsequent days a dog is kennelled - £17.90
  • dogs which are microchipped and returned to owner on the same day (not taken to kennels) - £27.50
  • dogs which are not microchipped and returned to owner on the same day (not taken to kennels) - £54.60

Please note, you will be not be able to collect your dog until kennel fees have been paid to us and a release form has been issued.  The kennels are open from 8am to 4pm.

Dogs will be retained in kennels for seven days, after which they will be rehomed.