Great and Little Plumstead Neighbourhood Plan

Great and Little Plumstead's Plan was fully adopted by Broadland District Council on 16th July 2014 following an 66% Yes vote by Great and Little Plumstead residents.

The plan covers the period up to 2034 and now forms part of the development plan for the District and is one of the main considerations in determining any future planning applications submitted in Great and Little Plumstead.

The Neighbourhood Plan went through a number of stages before being adopted by us. Below is a summary of the dates that Great and Little Plumstead achieved these stages:

Stage Date Achieved
Neighbourhood area adopted 14 November 2013
Neighbourhood plan submitted 18 November 2014
Examiner's report approved 14 April 2015
Referendum date 25 June 2015
Council approval of final plan 16 July 2015

You can view all Great and Little Plumstead Neighbourhood Plan documents.