Find a planning application or decision

To view applications submitted in the last week, please check our weekly lists.

You can also view decisions that involve an environmental impact assessment (IEA).

You can also track the status or find out the decision of all planning applications submitted to us or search the planning history of a property.

Once an application has been considered a formal decision notice will be issued, indicating whether permission has been granted or refused

You can quickly search for a planning application online if you already know the planning application number; search now using application number.

If you do not have the application number you can carry out an advanced search.

You will need:
  • address of the site or parish
  • date of the application or
  • type of application

(Please note that applications between 1998 and 2007 do not include plans and other documents)

Start now

Details of planning applications from 1947 to 1997 are held on micro-fiches and can be viewed at the address below.

Please call us before you visit to make sure that the fiches can be made available for you.