When you need planning permission

Permitted development

You will need planning permission for most development or if you are changing what a building is used for. Some works can be carried out without permission as "permitted development". Permitted development may be restricted by a condition on an earlier permission, in a conservation area or if the area is covered by an Article 4 Direction.

For dwellings, you will not need planning permission for most types of internal alterations unless your property is a listed building. Alterations to flats will usually require planning permission.

To check if the building work you have in mind can be carried out without the need for planning permission read the general guidance on the national Planning Portal. Here you will find several mini guides for specific projects, including if you are thinking of working from home and there are easy to use interactive houses.

For domestic properties fill in the householder permitted development form and send it back to us at the address below.

Some areas of Broadland District Council are part of the Broads Authority Executive Area. You can check using the Broads Authority boundary map whether the site you are interested in comes within their jurisdiction. If it does, you will need to contact the Broads Authority for planning advice and permission using the details below.

Please be aware that some alterations that can be carried out under permitted development or with prior consent may still be liable for the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Find out how to apply for planning permission.