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Assets of Community Value and Community Right to Bid

Assets of Community Value (ACVs) are buildings, land and amenities across the Broadland District that are important to the people that use them. The closure or sale of facilities such as pubs, village shops, pavilions and green spaces can sometimes damage communities.

Nominate an amenity

The Localism Act gave community groups the opportunity to retain and save the amenities that matter to them. A community group, (such as a society, parish council, neighbourhood forum, not for profit organisation or a group of at least 21 individuals) that is locally connected to the area can nominate an asset to be included on a list held by the relevant council.

Examples of community groups:

  • a society
  • parish councils
  • neighbourhood forums
  • not for profit organisations
  • group of more than 21 individuals

Assets of Community Value can only be nominated if they're of interest socially, such as for sport, culture or recreational uses or, if they increase the wellbeing of the community now and into the future.

To nominate a facility please use our Asset of Community Value nomination form.

Community right to bid

Once the asset has been listed if it's put up for sale the community will be given the opportunity to purchase it. This is done through Community Right to Bid (CRTB). The community can have up to six months to raise the funds to bid for it. At the end of the period, the owner may sell it to whoever and at whatever price they choose.

To bid for an asset please use our Intention to Bid form.

Further information

More information and guidance can be found in the Assets of Community Value and Community Right to Bid guidance notes.

You can view the registers of pending nominations, successful and unsuccessful nominations.