Save pubs and other assets in your village

The Community Right to Bid gives local communities the chance to bid to buy and take over the running of assets that are of value to them, such as a pub, village shop, library building or community centre. These assets could be owned by the council or other public body, a private company or an individual.

The Government has published the Regulations relating to the Community Right to Bid.

How to nominate an asset

Community groups (such as a parish or town council or other local, community organisation) can nominate local assets. To nominate a local asset, download the Nomination Form and send it to us using the details provided further down this page.

We will then consider whether or not the asset is (or will be) of community value and decide whether it should be added to the Community Asset Register.

When an asset is put up for sale

If the asset is added to the register, should at some point in the future the owner decide to dispose of it, the community group is notified.

The group will have 6 weeks to decide whether to submit a bid to purchase and run the asset.  If the community group decides not to submit a bid, then the owner of the asset is free to dispose of it on the open market.

If the community group submits a bid, it then has a 6 month moratorium - a period where the asset can only be sold to the community group.  This gives the group time to develop its bid to the owner of the asset.

If a bid is not received or accepted during these 6 months, the asset owner is free to dispose of it on the open market for a further period of 12 months. 

After this time, if no sale has been achieved, the whole process begins again.