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Complain about an unpleasant smell

Unpleasant smells coming into your home are a nuisance.  Your neighbour may not realise the effect their habit or business is having on you, so we will always encourage you to try and speak to your neighbour to solve the problem before we get involved. 

You may want to drop our Dear Neighbour card into their letter box in the first instance to start negotiations as they may get upset if you have involved the Council before making them aware.

We can investigate complaints of:

  • manure spreading
  • smells from business premises, such as restaurants and takeaways
  • smoke smells, e.g from bonfires, wood burners or cigarette smoke

We cannot investigate:

  • domestic cooking smells

To make a complaint:

  • you will need to provide your contact details
  • please include the time, date, duration and location of the problem
  • please let us know of any action you have already taken

Start now

In the majority of cases an Environmental Health Officer will contact you to discuss the problem, and arrange a visit if necessary.

Your details are kept confidential, although you may need to give evidence if your case goes to court.