Forthcoming elections

On this page you will find details of any forthcoming Parliamentary, European, County, District or Parish/Town elections or by-elections or referendums taking place in Broadland.

For all elections we publish a Notice of Election. After the closing date for nominations, an election will take place if there are more valid candidates than vacancies. The week before an election we publish the Statement of Persons Nominated, Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations.

For referendums we publish a Notice of Referendum and Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations.

Each of the elections below have different deadlines for (1) registering to vote (2) postal vote applications and (3) proxy vote applications.  These can be found on their respective timetables and are summarised on the pages for Referendums, Norfolk County Council elections, District elections and Parish and Town Council elections.

Wroxham Neighbourhood Plan referendum - 21 March 2019
A local referendum will be held on Thursday 21 March 2019 in order to determine whether the residents of Wroxham support the proposed Wroxham Neighbourhood Plan.  The Notice of Referendum and timetable are available here

Norfolk County Council by-election (Wroxham Division) - 4 April 2019 
Following the resignation of Mr Tom Garrod, County Councillor for Wroxham, a by-election will be held on Thursday 4 April 2019.  All documents relating to this by-election (including the Statement of Persons Nominated) are available on the Norfolk County Council website.

Broadland District and Town/Parish elections - 2 May 2019
The deadline for nominations for these elections is 4pm on Wednesday 3 April 2019, the list of candidates will be published by 4pm on Thursday 4 April 2019.  Candidate and agent guidance and nomination papers are available on the Electoral Commission website: District and Parish/Town.  The verification and count for these elections will take place starting at 9am on Friday 3 May 2019 at The Space, Roundtree Way, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8SQ.  Only certain people are entitled to attend the count, such as candidates, their guests and agents.  All the results will be published on our website. Full details of these elections, including their timetable, notices and statements of persons nominated are available on our District elections and Parish/Town elections download pages.  Find out more about becoming a Councillor.