Register on the electoral roll

Annual check of the electoral register

We are required to carry out an annual canvass of the electoral register to ensure the information we hold is correct.

During August we will be sending a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) to every household in the district. This form will list everyone currently registered to vote at the property. It is a legal requirement that you respond to this form to:

  • confirm that the details of those people living at your address and registered to vote are correct
  • tell us about anyone new (including anyone aged 16 or 17)
  • delete anyone no longer living at the address

How to respond to your Household Enquiry Form (HEF)

You must respond to the HEF even if there is no change to the information.

Full instructions on how to respond will be on the form. To save on postage, we'd prefer you to respond using the HEF Response website, text or freephone. Please respond as soon as possible to save us sending costly reminders.

You only need to respond using one of the options.

Nothing has changed

If all the details on your form are correct we recommend you respond using the HEF Response website, text or freephone (details are on your form).

Making changes

If you need to make some changes we recommend you respond by:

  • The HEF Response website: If you want to add someone, it’s best to have their full details ready beforehand – including their date of birth and National Insurance Number. If you don’t, we will need to contact them later for these before they can be registered.


  • Post (pre-paid envelope): Note that if you add someone onto the form they won’t automatically be registered to vote. They will still need to register online at or complete a paper application form.