Different ways you can vote

Most people vote in person at their local polling station. 

If you are unable to go to the polling station in person on election day, you can apply to vote by post or by proxy (where someone votes on your behalf).

Postal voting

If you prefer, you can vote by post. Please email or telephone the Elections Team well before Election Day to request a postal vote as you will need to complete and return a postal vote application form. 

We mail out the postal votes about 2 weeks before Election Day and we include a prepaid envelope for their return to our offices. Don't forget to return your postal vote before Election Day, or it will not be counted.

Proxy voting

Proxy voting means asking someone to vote on your behalf at the polling station.

If you apply for a proxy vote you will have to provide a reason, for example you may be working or studying away from home or on holiday. You will need to nominate someone to vote on your behalf according to your wishes.

If you wish to have a proxy vote at the next election, please contact the Elections Team using the details below.

Application forms for voting by post or proxy can also be obtained from the GOV.uk website.