Register a food business

If you are starting or operating a business and you produce, transport, handle or supply food or drink on a regular basis you must comply with food safety requirements and register your business.

This includes activities in commercial or domestic properties as well as activities which take place on a voluntary basis. You need to register at least 28 days prior to starting your business.

Registration is not required if food handling is only for family and close friends, for one off events or certain low risk activities which are undertaken on a small scale and infrequent basis (eg. cake making by an individual on less than 12 occasions a year).

Please note, mobile catering businesses should register with the Local Authority where the mobile unit will be kept overnight.

How to Apply

If you have any questions or need further advice, please contact the Food Safety Team using the details below.

Further information regarding compliance with food safety requirements can also be found on the Food Standards Agency website.