Licences for tent sites

An area of land must not be used for the siting of tents for more than 42 consecutive days, or more than 60 days in any 12 months, without a licence.

If you wish to use your land as a tent site for longer than this, you must apply for a site licence. Currently site licences are free of charge, however this may change in the future.

Licences are issued with conditions that are appropriate to that particular site. They normally relate to the layout of the site and the provisions of facilities such as toilets and showers.

When you apply for a licence, you will need to support your application by providing a layout plan showing:

  • the boundaries of the site
  • the proposed positions of tentage
  • car parking
  • fire fighting arrangements
  • sanitary facilities, such as toilets and showers
  • rubbish collection arrangements
  • water supplies and access/egress arrangements.

In addition, the use of land for tented camping for more than 28 days a year normally requires planning permission. You can find out if you need planning permission, and how to apply for it, using our Apply for planning permission section.

To apply

To find out about any conditions for your tent site, and to make your application for a licence, please contact us using the details below.