House to house charity collections

Applying for a permit

If you wish to carry out charitable collections door to door, you will need a free permit from the Council’s licensing team. This applies whether you are collecting money, clothing or any other items for charity.

Please note: If you wish to collect money on the street, please see our street collection licensing page.

To apply for a house to house collection permit complete an on application form. You should provide a minimum of 28 days’ notice before the day of your collection to allow the Council time to consider your application.

Once we have received and approved your application, a permit will be issued to the promoter of the collections.

The collectors will then need to obtain identity badges and forms from The Stationery Office at the following address:

The Stationery Office
House to House Collection Customer Services
PO Box 29
NR3 1GN (ISBN 9780133407422)