Sunday trading licences

If you are trading from a large shop (defined as being larger than 280 square metres of internal sales areas) and wish to open on a Sunday, you must by law:

  • notify the Council of your intention to trade on a Sunday
  • specify the six hours you wish to trade between the hours of 10am to 6pm on the Sunday
  • provide a sign visible both internally and externally specifying the times of opening

The Council will keep a public register of any large shops operating in the Broadland area.


You must close on:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Christmas Day if it falls on a Sunday

These restrictions do not apply to small shops, or any of the shops in the following categories:

  • farm Shops
  • motor and cycle shops
  • exhibition stands
  • shops at railway stations and airports
  • petrol filling stations
  • shops serving ocean going ships
  • pharmacists
  • shops of a Jewish faith; which shut on the Jewish Sabbath, but only with an appropriate certificate

The current fine for breach of these conditions is a maximum of £50,000.