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Beyond the current Local Plan

Local circumstances change and some planning policies may become out of date. Therefore, a review of the current Local Plan is regularly undertaken and we are currently reviewing ours. The review looks at future development across the district and requires public consultation.

Find out more about the review of our current local plan which is being developed as the Greater Norwich Local Plan.

There are several documents we must prepare as part of the Local Plan process. These documents monitor the development of planning policy and the delivery of the Local Plan:

Local Development Scheme

Local planning authorities must set out a timetable for their review in a document called the Local Development Scheme (LDS). The LDS also specifies what documents, when prepared, will comprise the Local Plan for the area.

Read our Local Development Scheme documents.

Annual Monitoring Reports

These documents provide information relating to the performance of policies within each Local Plan document.

The Greater Norwich Joint Core Strategy (Broadland, Norwich, South Norfolk) was adopted by Council in March 2011. The performance against policies in this strategy is reported in the Annual Monitoring Reports produced by the partnership and published in January.