Work experience placements

There are a number of departments within the Council that may be able to offer you a work experience placement.

Work experience placements are allocated on a first come first serviced basis and are generally offered to students who attend a school/college in Broadland or who are a resident within the district.

If you are interested in a work placement with the Council please contact the Recruitment team with the following information:

  • dates you require your placement
  • the department/area you would like to complete your work experience placement in
  • what you are currently studying at school/college
  • why you are interested in your chosen department/area
  • what you would like to get out of the placement and a little bit about yourself and your hobbies
  • if you have a current CV you can attach this to the email as well

We will do our best to accommodate your request but please be aware this may not always be possible. We will contact you to confirm the outcome of your request and this may take up to 10 working days.