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Creating postal addresses

New street names

We are the Authority empowered to name streets on new developments within our District.

It is the responsibility of the developer to discuss any proposed new street names with the Parish Council. A jointly agreed proposal for the new road names will then need to be submitted to us. We will advertise the proposed new street names on a road naming notice at the entrance to the development and allow 28 days for any objections or comments to be received (under Section 18 of the Public Health Act 1925).

If you are not the developer you can still put forward a proposal for a new road name. Please contact the relevant Parish Council.

These following names cannot be used:

  • those of living persons (except in rare special circumstances)
  • those of developing firms
  • those that could be confused with street names already in use in the area

Preferred names include:

  • those of landscape features demolished by development
  • names of historic persons, events or places
  • those selected from themes e.g. birds, trees, poets
  • those which will reflect and enhance the character of the area

This is a service we carry out free of charge. You can read our house and street naming policy or if you have any questions, please contact us using the details below.

You can report a damaged or missing street name sign here