Local land charges search

Fees for a Local land charges search

We aim to turn our searches around within 15 working days, however this may be longer depending on the volume of searches we receive.

Search type Net VAT Total
Full Search (LLC1 & CON29) £107.00 £17.00 £124.00
LLC1 only £22.00 Nil £22.00
CON29 only £85.00 £17.00    £102.00   
CON29(O) Questions 4 to 22 (per question) £17.00 £3.40 £20.40*
Additional Questions £17.00 £3.40 £20.40*
Additional Parcel of Land - LLC1 £1.00 Nil £1.00
Additional Parcel of Land - CON29 £16.00 £3.20 £19.20
Personal search of register under the EIR 2004 Regulations Free Free Free
*If these questions are requested on their own without a full search request, there will be an additional administration charge added to the £20.40           £20.00 £4.00 £24.00

LLC1 form - covers obligations and restrictions on the property which would be binding by any owners or successive owners e.g. tree preservation order, listed building status and conservation areas

CON29 form - covers things like planning history of the property, planning enforcement, building control and highway information.

CON29O form (Optional enquiries) - covers things like road proposals by private bodies, advertisements, houses in multiple occupation, hazardous substance consents and common land.